When the time comes to choose a new professional to handle your loved one’s oral care, there are several different things to consider before choosing a family dentist. Not only does the average family need regular dental checkups, but they need someone they can rely on for emergency dentistry, someone who is affordable, and someone they can trust.

If your family needs a new family dentist in Jacksonville, then you’ll want to consider these five tips to help you choose the best oral professional for the job.

Choose a Professional with the Latest Tools and Technology

Family dentistry is more than a bi-annual checkup – it’s a vital piece of your overall wellbeing. That said, when choosing a new dentist for either yourself or your loved ones, you need to consider what tools and technology the practice uses. It’s essential to do your research into each practice and see what they cover, and how they take care of their patients.

You want to make sure you are taking your time and doing a thorough research and choosing a practice that can offer you everything you need for potential issues that may arise.

Make Sure They Are Affordable

While choosing a dentist that has all the latest and greatest tools and technology is great, you also need to factor affordability into the equation. That means looking into care plans, asking questions regarding their use of your medical and dental benefits, and so on.

As with your medical well-being, your oral well-being needs to be affordable and effective. So, when speaking with potential family dentists, make sure you are asking important questions, such as:

  • Do you accept our dental insurance?
  • What insurances do you accept?
  • Do you accept cash or alternative payments?
  • Do you work with Care Credit or other financial aid programs?
  • Do you have alternative care plans or discounts that assist those who are struggling financially?

Do They Provide Comprehensive Dentistry?

When a dental professional says that they offer comprehensive dental care, it means they provide a full range of dental health services that include diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation, and any follow-up care that their patient may need.

Some services you’ll want to investigate include:

Do They Offer Emergency Dentistry?

What constitutes emergency dentistry? This is a grey area for many patients, but something that should be investigated while looking into a new family dentist. Emergency dentistry consists of many things, such as broken or knocked-out teeth, injury to the mouth or tongue, and lost fillings or crowns.

Sure, while your dentist may be able to help you with these issues, they may not be able to get you in right away. These are issues that simply cannot and should not wait, which is why you need to have access to an emergency dentist.

Choose Someone Who Genuinely Cares

Finally, you want to take the time to get to know the doctors behind each practice. You don’t want to settle for someone who is just looking for patients. Instead, you want a dental practice that takes the time to get to know you and your family, along with each individual’s needs.

A practice that genuinely cares about each of their patients will take the time to not only get to know them but listen to each of their thoughts and concerns when it comes to their medical and dental needs. This is a vital process in creating and optimizing the best care plan for everyone in your family.

Comprehensive Dentistry with JR Dental

Here at JR Dental, we have a team of not only 4 general dentists but also 3 specialists across 2 locations along with 1 full in-house dental lab to help serve our patient’s needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide each of our patients with the smile of their dreams while providing dental care that is based on mutual trust and respect, all at a price that you can afford.

If your family needs a new Jacksonville dentist, reach out to our team today by using our request an appointment page or by calling us at (904) 786-5850.