Meet Dr. Haider Alramli

A little bit about myself, My name is Haider Alramli, and I am very passionate about dentistry and oral health care. I dedicated my time and efforts to pursue my goal and that was in 2010 when I graduated with a bachelor's degree in dental surgery from Egypt. Following that, I decided to do a one-year Internship to further my knowledge and skills before working in Private practice. In 2012, I moved to the United States, and I had to go through dental school one more time which I did at Loma Linda University in California when I graduated with DDS in 2016. After that, I moved to Texas where I practiced in a privately owned dental office for almost three years. my passion for dentistry, strive to deliver optimum oral health care for my patient and willingness to further my knowledge and experience to aid in helping my patients . I decided to specialize in Periodontics and Implant surgery. During my residency program, I decided to invest more of my time, and I started clinical research to investigate healing of dental implants and bone augmentation to help provide the best care for human beings and I graduated with high honor and a master's degree in Periodontics and dental implant surgeries.