Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles

Adults who want a straighter smile, but don’t want the look of traditional braces or spend the time involved with typical orthodontic care opt for Six Month Smiles. This unique treatment plan will only focus on the teeth visible when you smile. The brackets are clear giving patients the confidence to continue smiling throughout treatment. Jr Dental and Associates of Jacksonville, FL offer their adult patients a Six Month Smile they are happy to display.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

  • Because the Six Month Smile program only treats a small portion of a patient’s mouth, there is much less discomfort associated with it than normal brace wear.
  • Clear brackets and wires will minimize their appearance. They are cosmetically more appealing.
  • Low force is used to gently move your teeth into desired position.
  • Retainer options

An initial consultation with JR Dental and Associates will determine if you are a good candidate for the Six Month Smile. This specialized treatment will focus on a straight smile rather than a healthy bite. Most adults are great candidates for the dental treatment. The process is minimally invasive and therefore has fewer risks.

Low-Risk Orthodontics

Six Month Smile braces are lighter than traditional orthodontic braces and do not carry any more risk for root damage than normal brace wear. Patients receiving Six Month Smile braces rarely need extractions first. This treatment is designed to correct minor orthodontic problems that affect their front teeth.

Retainer wear is necessary to prevent teeth from shifting back into their original position. Removable retainers will help to stabilize teeth in their final position. A bonded retainer is one of many options for those who are considering an alternative retainer. Ask your doctor for more information about retainer options. Solutions are treated case by case and the doctor will take the patient’s personal preference into consideration. Oral health and long-term results are major factors in dental treatment plans.

Common Questions about Six Month Smiles

How can orthodontic treatment be done in only 6 months? The average case is completed in six months though the window of short term orthodontic treatment time is generally 4-9 months. The two primary reasons for these short treatment times are:

  1. The short term orthodontic treatment goals are not exactly the same as those associated with conventional orthodontics. The most time consuming changes such as altering Angle Class and making significant midline changes are not part of short-term orthodontic treatment. The goal of most Six Month Smiles cases is very similar to most aligner cases: to give the patient a great new smile and to accomplish most, but not all, of what would be done with traditional orthodontic treatment.
  2. Six Month Smiles Brackets and Wires are unique. The award winning Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok brackets and wires are specific for short term orthodontic treatment goals. These teeth straightening goals can be achieved efficiently and effectively because the brackets and wires are engineered with a specific prescription and have short term orthodontic unique properties.

Is this similar to ortho treatment with aligners? Why is it faster? There are many important differences between the Six Month Smiles System and those inherent with aligner treatment.

  • Treatment Time – Aligners are made out of clear plastic that can be removed by the patient, whereas Six Month Smiles utilizes unique clear bonded brackets and tooth-colored wires. Because aligners can be removed by the patient, compliance can slow or halt the desired tooth movement. Dentists who use both often report that Six Month Smiles works 2-3 times faster than aligners and that they can treat many more patients successfully with Six Month Smiles.
  • Predictable Tooth Movements – Aligners can be limited in achieving desired tooth movements. It is oftentimes difficult to correct a severely rotated lateral or extrude a canine with aligners. With Six Month Smiles, there is a wider range of treatment potential, as well as more capability to address unexpected tooth movements. In other words, the Six Month Smiles provider has greater control over the outcome of treatment and the desired tooth movements are more predictable.
  • Lower Case Fees – The cost of treating a patient with the Six Month Smiles System can be 1/3 the cost of using aligner therapy.

Dentists find that the Six Month Smiles system is more efficient, predictable and costs less than aligners

How are the Six Month Smiles brackets and wires unique? Six Month Smiles brackets and wires have been created to specifically address the unique treatment objectives of short-term orthodontics. Effecting desired tooth movements while reducing undesirable ones utilizing straight wires (no bending!) and shorter treatment times requires proprietary, patented designs. The unique shape memory wires work in conjunction with the pre-positioned brackets to brackets to allow for the desired results to be achieved easily and predictably.

Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® Brackets These unique clear brackets are specifically designed with the Swain prescription and allow dentists to obtain short-term orthodontic treatment goals with precision and efficiency. The angulations, in-out dimensions and off-sets are specific for these cosmetically focused cases. Also, their uniquely clear translucency blends seamlessly with surrounding tooth structure… and patients love that!

Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® Wires Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® wires are tooth-colored shape memory wires that are highly active and provide consistent force levels to gently straighten and align teeth. The unique archform of Lucid-Lok® wires provides for broad but appropriate arches and minimizes the need for IPR in short-term orthodontic cases.

Jr Dental and Associates Services

Our office, located in the Normandy section of Jacksonville, focuses on long-term oral health solutions. Treatment plans focus on solving the problem for today with a primary focus on the future health of your teeth and gums. Share any concerns you may have with the doctor to create the best treatment for your personal situation. The Six Month Smile program is an effective solution to a straighter and more confident smile.

Schedule an appointment online or call our office today to find out if the Six Month Smile orthodontic treatment is the solution for your desired smile.

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